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Terms of Service

The Neon Muzeum is a private museum and owns copyright protected trademarks (under European and International Law). No unauthorised reproduction of these trademarks and logos is allowed. Furthermore, all imagery used on our website is copyright protected and may NOT be reproduced without written permission from the Neon Muzeum Directors. No product placement or promotional photography/film taken within the museum for any media platform (e.g. social media, print, video) is allowed without first obtaining a license agreement and paying an agreed commercial fee. All media publications, companies and/or agents - online or print media - must first contact the Neon Muzeum and request a press pack and permission to use the aforementioned copyrighted imagery and materials. Social media 'influencers' must also abide by these rules.

The information contained within this website is for information purposes only and is correct at time of publishing. Users agree to accept these terms upon entering the site or contacting us using the ‘Get in Touch’ form. If users feel that there is any incorrect information contained within the website then please contact us and we will consider correcting the erroneous data.

Visitors agree to obey our Rules and Regulations when entering the museum.


Privacy Policy

When using our ‘Get in Touch’ enquiry form, users agree to submit questions, requests and materials that are truthful and do not violate any international laws. We the Neon Muzeum will only use your email for internal or museum database related correspondences, and users additionally give consent to receiving email replies or further correspondences ie. newsletters.

We will never pass along or sell your details to third party companies. You must be at least 16 years of age to use our ‘Get in Touch’ form.

If you have any questions about our policies and the museum Rules and Regulations, you may contact us at any time using the ‘Get in Touch’ form or direct email: info@neonmuzeum.org

Updated: 2/04/2024