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Promocja Ambasady Rzeczpospolita Polska !

"Morris Travers was born 151 years ago. He was an English chemist to whom the invention of neon is attributed to (alongside Sir William Ramsay). The brilliant red light emitting from the gaseous neon when excited electrically was one of the first things the scientists noted during their experiments. Indeed, this brilliance was soon to take the entire world by storm.

Neons have been a big part of  not only the physical landscape of many Polish cities but also their more metaphorical identity. During the post-WWII period, these bright and colourful signs served as both a form of advertisement and a source of joy in the usually quite grim concrete scenery. With time, neons left the streets of major cities and made way for modern forms of advertising.

Thanks to the tremendous work of the Neon Muzeum in Warsaw, we can enjoy these magnificent post-war illuminated signs. Since 2005, the institution has been involved in research and restoration of old neons - relics of the large-scale neonisation projects carried out in Eastern Bloc countries.  The Neon Museum remains one of the few in the world devoted to old illuminated advertising."

Ddziękujemy Panie Ambasadorze !