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Light up your imagination with a workshop or guided tour !

The Neon Muzeum places great emphasis on education and learning and offers daily tours and workshops to groups large or small.

Delve deeper into the colourful history of the great neonisation campaign of the 1950s and 1960s… learn about the graphic artists and architects who revolutionised Poland’s urban landscape with their unique and unbridled electro-graphic creations. Why was neon used to illuminate the urban landscape on such an unprecedented scale; who were the graphic designers; what did the neon signs represent; what can we learn from this extraordinary time ? We will unravel and explain the fascinating history of cold war electro-graphic art. Take an exclusive Neon Muzeum Tour with our knowledgeable and engaging tour guides - who will make these already dazzling neon signs shine even brighter.

We also specialise in hosting workshops and educational tours for school children and students. Students can learn about the history, graphic design and science of neon sign making in fun, engaging and creative workshops. They can even design their own neon signs - we provide all art materials !

We invite you to the Neon Muzeum for guided tours, as well as creative workshops and lessons dedicated to middle and high school students.

To complete your booking please contact the Neon Muzeum Educator:  edukacja@neonmuzeum.org

The Neon Museum has been awarded, and is included in, the educational programme of the Ministry of Education and Science 'Get to know Poland'.


Minimum 10 people/45 mins 
Polish Language - 120 PLN (+ tickets)
English Language - 150 PLN (+ tickets)
By reservation only


Ticket purchases are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. 

  • Backpacks, large bags including camera bags are not allowed on tours. You may leave bags at the reception.
  • Photography on a guided tour is strictly for personal use only. We allow guests the use of one small camera and/or mobile phone camera.
  • Photographic shoots on guided tours are not allowed. 
  • Guests or groups arriving more than 20 minutes late may forfeit their tour.
  • Group tours are for a minimum of 10 people (tickets purchased), and up to a maximum of 35 people.