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Warsaw - Safest European Destination !

Poland is one of the European countries least affected by Coronavirus, along with Portugal and Greece. There are up to 20 times less contamination there than in the most affected countries of Western Europe. No hospital has ever been overloaded and Poland has more hospital beds per inhabitant than the Netherlands or Switzerland.

Warsaw is one of the most incredible cities in Europe. Its history is that of a people capable of facing any situation, of recovering and moving forward. Facing Coronavirus, the Polish message has always been very clear: “Warsaw survived two world wars. We will get through this one too. See you very soon !" 
Warsaw is  very rich and human, as are many Polish cities; its people show great respect for traditions but also for the youth (there are trendy cafes and bars, open-air concerts in summer, trendy and ephemeral shops but also incredible museums, an old town renovated after the Second World War and many places to discover for lovers of classical music and Chopin in particular.
Hyper instagrammable too, Warsaw is a city to put at the top of your travel wishlist. Do you need a final argument? Did you know that Warsaw is one of the safest cities in Europe with a crime rate up to 4 times lower than other major European capitals?

Read more: www.europeanbestdestinations.com