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A surprising discovery in the Cepelia Pavilion!

The modernist Cepelia Pavilion is being rebuilt in the center of Warsaw. The facility, which will regain its former glory, will eventually house an Empik store. During the work, neon signs of Cepelia and a rooster were unexpectedly found, decorating a now non-existent outdoor advertising showcase. The Warsaw Conservator's Office, in consultation with the investor, decided to donate these artifacts to the Neon Museum. There will also be a fragment of the original facade with a trace of the former Cepelia neon sign. The donated neon signs are currently being restored, and a glass case will also be recreated in the Museum, which will become an element of the exhibition about the history of the Pavilion and Cepelia.

Thanks to the Sienna 111 group and Tomasz Ĺšlebody.