We now have over 100+ neons, more than 1000 letterforms, and the collection grows daily. Where possible, we aim to conserve and restore these unique neon signs. Our extensive archive of materials includes contemporary photographic documentation, original blueprints and vintage postcards – which were used in our two publications: Warsaw Polish Neon (Gazeta Wyborcza 2008) and Polish Cold War Neon (New York 2011). In addition, the Neon Muzeum endeavours to save the neons in situ where possible – such as our neon Mermaid at 81/87 Grójecka Street in Warsaw.

Many of the neon signs were made during the boom of the 1960s and 1970s and were created by the best architects and graphic designers. The signs became highly visible landmarks with a local aesthetic, and in turn were embraced by the public as an important part of Poland’s cultural fabric. They are now disappearing rapidly, hence the urgent need to preserve and protect what remains for future generations.

Please contact us if you have a suggestion for a new acquisition or would like to donate a neon.