Welcome to The Neon Muzeum - which is dedicated to the documentation and preservation of Poland's cold war era neon signs.

The sole Creators and Directors of the Neon Muzeum are David Hill and Ilona Karwinska. They built the foundations of the museum in 2005 with the photographic documentation project entitled ‘Polish Neon’. The preservation and renovation of the first cold war neon signs also began during this photographic project.

The subject of Polish Cold War Neon was rapidly brought to greater public and media consciousness by numerous exhibitions and publications of Ilona Karwinska's neon images. The ‘Polish Neon’ exhibition traveled from London, Luxembourg, Amsterdam to Warsaw, and our efforts have resulted in a 'neon rennaisance'.

The Neon Muzeum is permanently based in Soho Factory, Praga - the creative heart of Warsaw. During the European Museum Nights 2013 we attracted over 16,000 visitors in a single night - breaking records !

The Neon Muzeum is a private initiative and does not currently receive public funds. Therefore, your donations directly finance our mission to preserve and save these unique neon letterforms.

Our team of energetic volunteers are on hand to assist visitors and tour groups and keep the Neon Muzeum open 5 days a week - as well as hosting other special events and members evenings.

We hope you enjoy your visit to the Neon Muzeum and appreciate Polish Neon - which is truly one of a kind !